Instructions to install your RockNob

  • First remove your stock shift knob. If you don't know how to remove it, look on youtube for a video on how to remove it or contact a local dealership. 
  • Once you have your stock shift knob off, open your RockNob package. Inside you should have an instruction card, 4 plastic inserts (end caps), 6 set screws (2 different sizes), an alan key, and your RockNob.                                                     
  • Now find the end cap that best fits your shift lever. If none of them fit tightly don't panic, simply wrap electrical tape on the top of your shift lever till you have a insert that fits tightly on your shift lever. 
  • There are two set screw sizes, find the one that will work best for your vehicle. Longer set screws are for a smaller shift lever (in diameter) and the short set screws are for a larger shift lever (in diameter). Thread your set screws into the set screw holes enough that they stay in, but not too much where they can be seen when looking down the adapter sleeve. 
  • Now that you have your plastic end cap on your shift lever and you have your set screws on the adapter sleeve, go ahead and slide it onto the shift lever and push it all the way down. Position it where you want it.
  • Then evenly tighten the set screws using the alan key to keep the RockNob center of the shift lever. Tighten the set screws till the RockNob is held firmly in place.