• BombNob Baseball Grenade Gear Shift Knob


    Rocknob Custom WWII Baseball Grenade Gear Shift Knob

    Each Bombnob comes with our universal mounting system which makes install simple, easy, and fast! The mounting system is designed to to easily mount to any manual stick transmission. You just select the insert that fits your stick the best and then slide the shifter over and tighten with three set screws (comes with 4 different sized inserts, three set screws and alan wrench to tighten them). Every BomNob owner has their own feel for how they like the shifter to fit in their hand. Currently we ship Bomnobs fully assembled; however, if you prefer the spoon (handle) to be removed, pull the pin and run like hell... Just Kidding! Pull the pin, remove the spoon and replace the pin.