About Us


RockNob provides custom made gear shift knobs, manual stick shift knobs, grenade knobs and other Shifter Knobs that will enhance the unique character of your Jeep, Subaru, truck, Toyota, car 

or whatever vehicle you put em on. We currently offer shifter knobs made out of 8 balls, grenades, rocks, baseballs, slick rocks, hockey pucks, golf balls, and machined aluminum. We are always looking for new ideas and developing cool knobs that are not only comfortable but also have a custom feel that will make any owner proud of their shift knob.


All gear shift knobs at RockNob now feature a high quality and very solid universal mounting system that can fit any vehicles shift lever. A RockNob is a necessity for all radical four wheel drive owners or any serious "rock crawler".

Whether you climb rocks with rubber tread or rope and pitons, you are going to dig your RockNob, we guarantee it! So, take a look at our site, grab a piece of Mother Earth and ROCK YOUR STICK!


All of our shift knobs will fit any manual transmission. Will also fit any automatic shift lever, only if it does NOT have any sort of button on the stock shift knob. Fits UTVs as well. If you have any questions or concerns regarding if it fits or not, go ahead and click the "contact us" tab up at the top of the page.

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