RockNob was established several years ago by an avid outdoor enthusiast and lover of nature. This guy loved to hike and explore nature and as he did so he would often pick up a rock and if it felt good in his hand, he’d carry it with him. While on a hike he picked up a rock and came up with a great idea! He found a way to install a rock on his vehicle gear shift stick. A friend saw it and thought it looked cool and said, “you should sell those” and RockNob was born. RockNob is now under new management but is still a family owned business committed to making a high quality, one of a kind, gear shift knob to help customize your ride. We love the beauty and variety of nature and want to share a little of it with you. We offer four different looks, Moab Red Rock, Timpanogos Gray Rock, Granite and Colorado Brown Rock. All are certified as 100% natural ROCK. Order one today and ROCK YOUR STICK with an authentic ROCKNOB!