• Rocknob Colorado Spider Gear Shift Knob


    Rocknob Colorado Spider Gear Shift Knob 

    Timpanogos RockNobs are made from river rounded rocks found on the ancient shoreline of Lake Bonneville. The shoreline runs along the western face of Mount Timpanogos overlooking Utah Valley. Robert Redford's famous Sundance ski resort is just over the summit on the back side of the mountain. Timpanogos RockNobs vary in appearance because of the many types of rock that come from nearby canyons. There are light and dark greys with and without quartzite stripes, some even have some beautiful green tones (the lizard logo looks great on these!). No two RockNobs are the same. Timpanogos RockNobs are a ""classic"" look in any car. Each RockNob comes complete with our new universal mounting system that can fit any standard transmission shift lever.